April 16, 2017

Mestre Delmar – Brazil

Mestre Delmar Perroni started Capoeira in August 1979 with Associação de Capoeira Netos de Muzenza in Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil coordinated by Master Paulinho Mato Grosso. Master Delmar started at the age of 13 years and was fascinated by the form of expression of Capoeira.

Over the years, Master Delmar got to know other groups until in 1995 found the Esporte Nacional Capoeira (ENCapoeira).

Master Delmar also lived in Punta del Este Uruguay, where he had the opportunity to manage multiple jobs with Capoeira performing in casinos and hotels in Maldonado, Piriápolis and San Carlos.

Back in Brazil in 2006, he calloborated with Professor Mr. M, the “Capoeira para Crescer” (Capoeira to Grow) targeting the underprivileged, socially vulnerable and persons with disabilities.

Currently, in addition to administering social projects, Master Delmar is founder and vice president of the Confederação Gaucha de Capoeira – CGC, an organization that aims to bring together friends with the same goal: Cultivation, Research, Development and Respect for the traditions of Capoeira.