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What Makes Capoeira so unique:

You’ll be amazed how training Capoeira will positively affect your life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, develop flexibility, endurance, or strength; Capoeira can make a difference. Capoeira builds confidence, forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, develops leadership skills, and fosters lasting relationships. Capoeira is a hybrid of martial arts and dance.
Martial Arts

Capoeira is an original Brazilian Martial Arts which is very fluid and acrobatic focusing on kicks, punches, knee strikes and evading attacks…Click on the pictures to learn more.


Capoeira originated in Brazil, but its history extends to Africa. Slaves living on plantations who were not allowed to openly practice…Click on the pictures to learn more.


Rhythm is at the heart of Capoeira. The rhythm of Capoeira has evolved over the centuries and is essentially what guides…Click on the pictures to learn more.


Capoeira is a game, but the game is best understood as a dialogue. Not a dialogue of language, but rather an exchange…Click on the pictures to learn more.


Do not be scared by the expertise required for Capoeira. Capoeira can be adapted effectively to your capabilities, limitations and skills while…Click on the pictures to learn more.

Self Defense

One of the biggest assets a capoeirista has is the ability to dodge and move around like a boxer who “bobs and weaves” to side-step…Click on the pictures to learn more.


Capoeira includes cartwheels, spinning, kicking and even flips performed almost like a dance sequence. In Capoeira we do not just use flips…Click on the pictures to learn more.

Work out

A high-energy, play-filled and musical workout, Capoeira classes are the ideal way to build strength, flexibility and burn calories…Click on the pictures to learn more.

The benefits of practicing Capoeira.

Improve your core!
Capoeira is a hybrid of martial arts and dance.

Control and agility rely on core strength which you will constantly improve in Capoeira. This will improve your game and also help improve the health of your spine and joints which rely on a strong core for support. CapoeIra is true functional training in which all muscle groups are integrated with intense cardio, which has been shown to be the most effective path to fitness by world class athletes and weekend warriors alike. In a capoeira class workout, you start with basic moves such as a simple side-to-side step with alternating front kicks and punches as a gentle warm-up and then continue to increase intensity and complexity until every muscle in your body is engaged. It is health, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, is complete, playing, singing, using your intelligence, alertness, happiness, confidence, togetherness, friendship. It touches so many aspects of your life that it becomes infinite. It is a transformational lifestyle.

  • + Strength

    The exercise routines of Capoeira engages the upper body by working close to the ground mimiking movements of animals along with headstands, poses and rolls. These activities engage the core and abs resultsing in fantastic upper body strength.

  • + Flexibility

    The strenuous routines promotes flexibility in the body on par with Yoga. Even for a beginner in Capoeira, you will still see an amazing increase in flexibility.

  • + Stamina

    Unlike many other sports, Capoeira engages muscle groups in unique ways. All the routines require energy to coordinate with the group. All these factors, in addition to repetitive movements, make Capoeira an intense cardio exercise. This increases the muscular and cardio vascular endurance of the body and provides more stamina.

  • + Agility/Speed

    The main essence of performing Capoeira is to do all the movements fluidly in a very short amount of time. As a martial arts technique, this will make your response time better and the body more agile to react to other people’s moves.


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